July 8, 2020

Enrico Schleiff becomes president of the Goethe University

The chairman of the FIAS, Enrico Schleiff, was elected by the extended senate with an absolute majority.

Prof. Dr. Enrico Schleiff, Senior Fellow and Chairman of the Board of the FIAS was elected President of the Goethe University by the extended Senate on Wednesday (July 8). The term of office is six years and will begin on January 1, 2021, following his appointment by the University Council. The former Vice President and Professor of Molecular Cell Biology of Plants at Goethe University was elected by an absolute majority of 18 votes out of the 34 members of the Senate.

"I am very pleased with the election and thank the Enlarged Senate for the trust it has placed in me," Schleiff emphasized. "I will do my utmost to constructively overcome the tensions that have arisen in the university in recent weeks. In doing so, I can also build on my six years of experience as Vice President of the Goethe University. I invite all members of our Goethe University to work together. Only together can we achieve our ambitious goals in teaching and research". 

On behalf of the institute, the Administrative Director Dr. Rolf Bernhardt congratulates Enrico Schleiff on his election victory. "With Enrico Schleiff, the university has gained a strong leader. His election victory is also a testimony to the successful work here at FIAS."

During his term of office, the acquisition of the LOEWE focus CMMS enabled the FIAS to create a close link between the theoretical competencies of the FIAS and the experimentalists at Goethe University. The FIAS will also establish itself on an international level in the coming years through the research projects in the field of artificial intelligence that were started in the last few years.  

"For the FIAS this choice naturally means some changes. A new chairman will have to be found by the end of the year. Even though this will not be easy, I am sure that we will appoint a suitable successor," Bernhardt adds. 

The FIAS also thanks the previous president Birgitta Wolff. During her time as president of the Goethe University, she not only initiated many successful programs there, but also gave important impulses to the FIAS. 

As a member of the FIAS Board of Trustees, she was involved in all important decisions here at the Institute.

From January, Enrico Schleiff, as President of the Goethe University, will also become a member of the Board of Trustees. Thus, he will continue to be closely connected with the future of our institute. 

Enrico Schleiff
© Alex Schwander
Prof. Dr. Enrico Schleiff