March 12, 2024

FIAS Annual Report 2023 released

From doctoral students to Senior Fellows, featuring events, projects, and highlights: The annual report reflects the multifaceted activities of FIAS.

FIAS presents itself on 76 pages: 133 people from 23 countries research and work here, exploring exciting research topics such as volcanoes, quantum computers, cell components, lightning, molecular light switches, and the Big Bang. The reports for 2023 summarise prizes, events, background information on research, and the activities of our scientists far beyond. The annual report thus reflects all FIAS activities and serves also as a thank you to our dedicated sponsors.

As a theoretical research institute, FIAS primarily utilises powerful computing resources and intelligent algorithms. Almost all fields of research focus on the application of artificial intelligence, for example to create images of the brain, cells, the universe, or natural events with the help of digital twins. Find out more about the exciting and cutting-edge research at FIAS here:

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Annual Report 2023