May 2, 2016

FIAS Forum - 10.05.2016,19.00 hrs

The speaker is Prof. Dr. Harald Schwalbe of the Goethe University Frankfurt on the topic: "Wettkampf der Ideen – Wie entwickeln wir neue Arzneimittel?"

The FIAS Board of Directors

invites you to a lecture at the FIAS Forum

on Tuesday, 10.05.2016,19:00 h s. t.

to FIAS, Ruth-Moufang-Straße 1,60438 Frankfurt (Campus Riedberg)

After an introduction by Prof. Dr. Jochen Triesch, Prof. Dr. Harald Schwalbe, Goethe University Frankfurt, talks
on the subject:

"Wettkampf der Ideen- Wie entwickeln wir neue Arzneimittel?"

As usual the lecture will be held in German.