July 3, 2023

FIAS part of the Frankfurt Physics Academic Ceremony

FIAS Director Eckhard Elsen called for social responsibility on the part of the research institutes at the Academic Celebration of the Department of Physics on 30 June.

Prizes for the past year are awarded annually by the Department of Physics together with the Walter Greiner Society for the Promotion of Basic Physics Research and FIAS at an academic ceremony. Dean Roger Erb welcomed the finely dressed guests to what he called "the most beautiful department". University President Enrico Schleiff - based in biology - later put that into perspective with a smile to "one of the most beautiful".

FIAS Director Eckhard Elsen emphasised that physics research must also follow social change and take up topics in which it is in demand with its expertise. As an example, he mentioned ChatGPT: "The methods of AI and machine learning are our competence, so we should also get involved in the societal discussion and take a stand on it".

Numerous donors support physics research, especially through the Walter Greiner Society. The physicist, who died in 2016, was one of the co-founders of FIAS.

The five best degrees were awarded, as well as the two best dissertations and the best teaching in physics. An important contribution is made by the Sandvoss scholarships, which help students in financial need, as well as the Germany scholarships, 14 of which went to Goethe physicists.

After an exciting lecture on "Three Trillion Degrees in the Shadow" by Heraeus Foundation Professor Gunter Roland, the guests celebrated and discussed and discussed over a casual dinner on the terrace of the Mensa Pi x Gaumen.