February 16, 2024

New student representatives elected

Recently, the students at FIAS elected their new representatives for this year. 20 students voted in favour of Petros Vlachos and Santiago Gallela, who were the only ones running for election.

"We are delighted and honoured to take on the responsibility of student representatives," said the two FIAS doctoral students. They thank everyone who participated in the elections, especially their predecessors, in particular Jonas Köhler (Megha Chakraborty had left FIAS during the election period), for their contribution to the community and their help and insights during the handover process.

Petros E. Vlachos is a theoretical neuroscience PhD student in the lab of Jochen Triesch. Originally from Greece, he studied artificial intelligence in the Netherlands and worked as a research assistant in the field of computational neuroscience. Currently, in his research, he is investigating the dynamics of learning and memory in brain networks.

Santiago Galella is a PhD student in the lab of Matthias Kaschube. He studied biomedical engineering and artificial intelligence in Barcelona, Spain. He is researching how cognitive maps of concepts and knowledge are formed and navigated both in the human brain and in artificial intelligence systems.

"Our goal is to foster a collaborative, inclusive environment and an active, more connected FIAS community," say Petros and Santiago. Over the coming weeks, the two will be initiating events and meetings to enrich the academic and social aspects of our institute. "We welcome any ideas, feedback and participation!" say the new FIAS student representatives.

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Santiago Gallela (left) and Petros E. Vlachos are the student representatives 2024