June 23, 2023

Rudolf Steinberg turns 80

We congratulate the long-time chairman of board of trustees

Rudolf Steinberg, an outstanding figure in the field of education and science, turns 80 today. The former president of Goethe University and long-time chairman of the Foundation Board of FIAS made significant contributions to the promotion of cutting-edge research and academic excellence during his career.

During his tenure as president of Goethe University, Rudolf Steinberg not only made a decisive contribution to the transformation of Goethe University into a foundation university under public law. During this time, he was also instrumental in establishing the FIAS Foundation. After his tenure at Goethe University, he remained closely connected to FIAS. Thus, first as a member, and later as chairman of the Foundation Board, he played a major role in shaping the development of our Institute.

His dedication to the advancement of science left a lasting impact on FIAS and laid a foundation for its sustained success.

Steinberg's work and dedication have garnered numerous awards and recognitions. Among others, he was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2020 for his work. 

FIAS congratulates Rudolf Steinberg on his 80th birthday and wishes him all the best for the future!

Rudolf Steinberg
© U.Dettmar
Rudolf Steinberg in 2016 at a congress at FIAS