March 15, 2024

Scientific Advisory Board at FIAS

Two-day visit by the committee

On 13/14 March, FIAS presented itself to the Scientific Advisory Board - in talks, posters and intensive discussions.

The Scientific Advisory Board visits FIAS every four years to review developments and draw up proposals. The committee currently consists of the Frankfurt scientists Volker Dötsch (spokesperson), Ulrich Achatz and Owe Philipsen as well as the external advisors Alberta Bonanni, Edda Klipp, Aneta Koseska, Luciano Musa, Reinhard Schneider and Arndt von Haeseler. After intensive discussions, they drew up an expert report on further scientific development. Their initial conclusion was positive and included a stronger focus. A detailed report by the committee will follow. 

SAB visiting FIAS 2024.
SAB visiting FIAS. From the right: Aneta Koseska, Volker Dötsch (speaker),​ Owe Philipsen, Arndt von Haeseler, Edda Klipp, Reinhard Schneider; missing on the picture: Alberta Bonanni, Ulrich Achatz and Luciano Musa. (c) Störiko/FIAS