August 2, 2021

The ProLOEWE science rally provides exclusive insights into LOEWE basic research

The big summer holiday quiz starts on August 02.

Discovering new things in nature, making models, solving puzzles, or making estimates - all this is waiting for for children and teens aged 10 and up and their families during the 21 stages of the ProLOEWE science rally. It starts on August 2 at FIAS and the LOEWE focus CMMS are also taking part in the event.

Science is not just for nerds and masterminds! The LOEWE scientists show you how exciting and understandable basic research is. And you can join in: Starting on August 2, solve one of the 21 daily challenges and send your results to the address given in the film. The topics range from mobility to medicine, geology, biotechnology, physics, AI, and many others. 

And best of all, if you send your results to the addresses given in the quiz videos by September 2 at the latest, you can win some fantastic prizes. Experiment boxes, games or books, admission tickets to museums, and exclusive tours of scientific facilities and laboratories to which otherwise only scientists have access. 

Registration is not required, just watch the first quiz film of the ProLOEWE science rally starting August 2 and join in! 

FIAS and LOEWE CMMS at the Science Rally:

On August 04, the LOEWE focus "Center for Multiscale Modeling in Life Sciences", located at FIAS, will be part of the rally. So be sure to stop by! Detailed conditions of participation and further information at 

Contact and further information: 

ProLOEWE Network of LOEWE Research Projects: 

(0561) 804-2348,,, twitter: @ProLOEWE

Short Paths to Science - ProLOEWE and LOEWE 

What is happening in Hessen's cutting-edge research? What questions are the scientists working on, and what do they want to achieve? The LOEWE projects have joined forces to form the network of LOEWE research projects ProLOEWE: Together they want to inform about their activities and create short paths to their research.

The independent network ProLOEWE currently unites 5 LOEWE centers and 22 LOEWE focal points. The work of the research projects is made possible by LOEWE funding from the state of Hesse - and thus from society. Their topics range from medical research to innovative, application-oriented technologies and basic research in the natural sciences to cultural and social issues. Research is teamwork - in the best case across the boundaries of specialist disciplines and individual institutions. With ProLOEWE, the research projects want to intensify their cooperation and make the importance of basic research more visible and accessible to a broad public.

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