March 1, 2022

FIAS in solidarity with Ukraine

Ukraine has been subjected to a war of aggression by Russia. This action, for which Vladimir Putin is solely responsible, is a blatant violation of international law and in no way justified. Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people - with the people who are being injured and are dying in these minutes as a result of the war of aggression. There are many civilian casualties, among them children.

As well as the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany, the FIAS Board strongly condemns this action. Even though science should be in large terms free of politics and has repeatedly built bridges across international conflicts, we cannot stand by watching these acts of war.

Now is the time to send clear signals against this war. Therefore, the following measures apply with immediate effect:

  • All transfers of know-how and technology to Russia are to be stopped.
  • Existing cooperation agreements are interrupted.
  • All FIAS bilateral projects with Russia are frozen.
  • Workshops, talks, exchange of scientists etc. with persons from Russian institutions/companies must not be planned and carried out.
  • New visits by Russian partners must not be planned and carried out.
  • Participation of FIAS staff in advisory bodies and activities of Russian institutions/companies and vice versa has to be suspended.
  • All official communication with Russian institutions/companies and research institutes must be frozen. 

We know that many Russian citizens despise this war and hope that they can make themselves heard. 

At FIAS we show respect to all staff regardless of origin and nationality. 

Furthermore, FIAS offers help to Ukrainian scientists wherever possible. 


Prof. Dr. Volker Lindenstruth for the FIAS Board of Directors

ukranian flag