December 15, 2022

New associate PIs at CMMS

We welcome two new PIs, each with a postdoc, to the CMMS team: Dr. Cornelia Pokalyuk and Prof. Dr. Gemma Roig.

Cornelia Pokalyuk heads the Emmy Noether Junior Research Group "Stochastic dynamics in parasite evolution" at Goethe University Frankfurt and works on the analysis of parasite evolution. Gemma Roig is a professor at the department of computer science at Goethe university leading the computational vision and artificial intelligence lab. Her research focuses on understanding the underlying computational principles of visual intelligence of humans and artificial systems, with the aim of developing a general artificial intelligence framework. Such general artificial intelligence system is fundamental to design machine models that mimic or surpass human performance in specific domains, and that can automatically learn new tasks.

Both bring a postdoc to the CMMS team.

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