November 1, 2019

Signing of the Xidian FIAS International Joint Research Center

Joint research laboratory established with Xidian University

​In October 2019, during the Sino-German Conference for Science, Technology, Innovation and Cooperation in Berlin, representatives of Xidian University and FIAS signed the founding documents of the XF-IJRC.

The signing ceremony was held in presence of the chinese minister for science and technology Mr. Wang Zhigang.

Minister Wang applauded the initiative for scientific cooperation between the two institutes and expressed his wish for a successful joint lab.

After the signing ceremony President Yang, of the Xidian University, and his delegation visited FIAS to greet the FIAS research fellows and students who are eager to work in collaboration with their Xidian colleagues.

Since a proposal to establish the 'Xidian-FIAS Joint Research Center' (XF-JRC), which was initiated between the FIAS 'Deepthinkers'-AI group and President Zongkai Yang, during a previous visit to FIAS in November 2018, both parties have been working intensively over the past few months to exchange ideas and opinions about the realization of the XF-JRC. 

The proposal followed a successful summer school on "Horizons of Industry 4.0 in Germany and Artificial Intelligence", organized by FIAS for Xidian University students in 2018, at which the students attended lectures by FIAS Fellows Prof. Dr. Jochen Triesch, Dr. Kai Zhou and Dr. Jan Steinheimer. 

Prof. Dr. Enrico Schleiff, as representative of the FIAS board of directors, expressed his strong support for the proposed Joint lab together with Xidian.

The Joint Lab will be part of the FIAS strategy to strengthen research on artificial intelligence and its application in interdisciplinary scientific research and development. Within its function it will strongly promote international research cooperation.

Xidian University is a public research university in Xi'An, China. Founded in 1931, the University is considered one of the top universities of research and education of engeneering in China. Xidian University is dedicated primarily to electronics and information education and research, with an integration of a wiede range of academic subjects covering engineering, science, management, economy, arts and social sceiences. Xidian University has been able to build up a formidable reputation in Artificial Intelligence, and has successfully established a Scholl of Artificial Intelligence in 2014.

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Signing of the Xidian FIAS International Joint Research Center in Berlin