July 12, 2023

Summer school in the Eifel

CMMS retreat: presenting, learning, discussing

This week eleven doctoral students, three postdocs and eight subproject leaders of the CMMS project spend a week in the idyllic Eifel. Two invited speakers complete the team.

CMMS - Center for Multiscale Modelling in Life Sciences - helps to understand molecular biological processes, such as the mode of action of an enzyme, up to the complex behaviour of organisms. For example, high-resolution microscopic information is integrated into models and simulations to identify fundamental mechanisms and causalities. CMMS is a Frankfurt focus of the Hessian LOEWE funding, as a joint project of FIAS, Goethe University and the Max Planck Institutes for Brain Research and Biophysics.

During the CMMS retreat, organzide by FIAS Fellow Franziska Matthäus, students choose crash courses in the mornings to get to know the other research teams. There is also a workshop on research data management. And in a writing course the young researchers will receive advice on scientific writing - for their dissertations as well as for publications.

The afternoons are available for joint activities: Lake Rursee, in the middle of the idyllic Eifel National Park, offers countless recreational opportunities such as swimming, hiking, paddling, and kayaking. A boat trip for everyone is part of the programme.