August 11, 2023

Two FIAS poster prizes at international meeting

Gianmarco Lazzeri and Cristina Gil-Herrero won the prestigious award

Two PhD students from FIAS each received one of the coveted poster prizes of the European Biophysical Societies' Association (EBSA) - a remarkable achievement at a conference with more than 1200 participants.

At the international meeting of European Biophysical Societies' Association (EBSA) in Stockholm from 31 July to 4 August, two FIAS PhD students won prestigious awards for their posters.

Cristina Gil-Herrero from the research group of FIAS Fellow Sebastian Thallmair received the prize for her poster "Ligand Flip-Flop on a GPCR Surface", which deals with transport across cell membranes and opens up possibilities for the transport of drugs into cells.

Gianmarco Lazzeri from the research group of FIAS Fellow Roberto Covino deals with "Accurate rare-event kinetics from AI-assisted molecular dynamics simulations".

EBSA poster prizes, Photomontage: left Cristina Gil-Herrero, right marked Gianmarco Lazzeri