May 24, 2018

Floating magnets, brain football, building with paper and much more!

Hands-on science at Hessentag 2018

Korbach: From 25 May to 3 June 2018, scientists from the FIAS* and the research projects of the State Initiative for the Development of Scientific and Economic Excellence (LOEWE)** will once again be invited to experiment, be amazed and discuss at the "Hessen schafft Wissen" stand.

At several FIAS experiment stations and the presentation of the diverse LOEWE projects from, among others, LOEWE-BAMP! building with paper, LOEWE-Safer Materials, materials of the future to LOEWE-SYNMIKRO, the world of microorganisms, scientists offer visitors fascinating new insights into the world of fundamental research in Hessen every day. For example, visitors to the FIAS can experience how a particle accelerator works, on the basis of a three meter long metal track, or how they can win a football match with the power of their thoughts alone. Also initially somewhat dry-sounding principles such as superconductivity and vacuum, as well as their application in research, are shown in exciting experiments and hands-on projects

At LOEWE, the visitors can extract DNA at the DNA station of the LOEWE focus SYNMICRO or become biologists for one day and assemble life on their own according to new building plans. In the LOEWE project BAMP!, scientists explain the many possibilities of using paper as the building material of the future, visitors can become architects themselves or learn more about the mobility of the future without their own cars but with a variety of individual possibilities in the first LOEWE focus at an art college Infastruktur - Design - Gesellschaft.

The most important goal of the FIAS team and the LOEWE research projects is to convey the fun in science as well as the contents themselves.

In addition to FIAS and LOEWE projects, other partners from universities, research institutions and schools will be presenting current top-level Hessian research topics at Stand 24 of the "Hessen schafft Wissen" initiative. You will find the stand directly opposite the Hauerstadion on Medebacher Landstraße.

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Frankfurt Institute of Advanced Studies

Patricia Till: (069) 798-47688;

Sascha Vogel: (069) 798-47048;

ProLOEWE*** Netzwerk der LOEWE-Forschungsvorhaben: Tanja Desch: (0561) 804-2348,,

Petra Schulte Hürmann (0561) 804-2347,,

*The Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS) is an interdisciplinary research institution for theoretical research into complex structures in nature, founded by the Goethe University Frankfurt and financed by public donors, foundations and private individuals. The work focuses on basic research in the fields of brain research, life sciences, systemic risks, computer sciences and physics.

**The State Initiative for the Development of Scientific and Economic Excellence - LOEWE for short - is the title of the research funding programme with which the State of Hesse has been setting scientific policy impulses since 2008 and thus strengthening the Hessian research landscape in the long term. With the LOEWE programme, the state government supports the universities and research institutions in Hesse in further profiling and in the implementation of strategic goals. LOEWE supports outstanding joint scientific projects, in particular the intensive networking of science, non-university research and industry.

***ProLOEWE is the network of LOEWE research projects: It informs about activities and results of the projects and creates short distances to and between researchers. An overview of the LOEWE research projects can be found at

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Hessentag 2018 - Accelerator
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Visitors at the Hessentag experimenting with our marble-particle accelerator