September 23, 2022

Three Poster Awards on ECMTB 2022

Franziska Matthäus' group is happy to have won three poster prizes at the European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology, This large conference in the research field, with 750 participants, awarded 13 poster prizes. Three of these went to the FIAS group: Zoë Lange for the Best Poster in Developmental Biology, Gustavo Hernandez-Mejia for the Best Poster in Epidemiology, and Marc Pereyra received the Lewis Wolpert Prize for Best Poster. "I'm super-proud of all three of them," says Matthäus.

Links to the awarded posters:

Zoë Lange et al.: Hatching on a budget- the economized energy expenditure of beetle embryos

Gustavo Hernandez-Mejia: Effects of structural interventions on the nosocomial spread of SARS-Cov-2

Marc Pereyra: Quantification and visualisation of 3D collective cell migration